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Dear Achiever

When I started earning a salary, I didn’t have access to a salary calculator. I was only too happy to have a job, let alone one that I liked! But as time went by, I realised a few critical things . . . . .

Confused SmileyI was never earning enough money.

Confused SmileyI didn’t have a clue about what my salary package should be when negotiating for a new job or salary increase. Sure, I had a rough idea but it never turned out to be enough.

Confused SmileyFinally, as an employer, I seldom selected anyone who didn’t know exactly what they wanted to earn. This was a clear indication of someone without ambition, focus or direction.

Does this sound familiar ? Is this where you are right now? Guessing in the dark? Achieving either nothing or only very slowly? Continually frustrated? Stressed out?

Most people accept a salary . . . . . then work their lifestyle around it . . . . . but invariably there’s only enough money at the end of each month to barely cover necessities, let alone luxuries!

If you are adding up your monthly expenses with a small contingency for savings, then assuming the total amount is what you need to earn each month . . . . .  it’s no wonder there’s no money left for a holiday or anything extra!

How easy would it be . . . . . if you  knew exactly how much to earn . . . . .

Happy Smileyto live your dreams . . . . .  achieve your goals instead of seeing them on paper?

Happy Smileyto negotiate your salary package .. . . .  when looking for a job or at  ‘salary increase’ time?

Happy Smileyto pay off your debt?

Happy Smileyto educate your children in the best school, college and university?

Happy Smileyto buy the home or car you’ve set your heart on?

Happy Smileyto travel to distant, interesting places?

Happy Smileyto take an annual holiday?

Happy Smileyto be able to buy something special that your parents won’t or can’t afford to buy for you?

Happy Smileyto pay off your student loan?

. . . . . Only you know what a difference more money would make to your lifestyle.

Do you ever wonder what your financial target actually is . . . . . .rather than the one given to you by your employer?  . . . . Well, guess what . . . . . Stop wondering!

Like you, I knew there had to be a magic formula somewhere and that’s when I found a solution . . . . . the light bulb went on . . . . .  there is one crucial thing that we all miss when calculating our salaries.

That element forms an integral part of a unique salary calculator that works out exactly what you should be earning . . . .  what you should be charging for your hourly rate ….. not only to cover your basic expenses but also to make provision for luxuries you’d like to have too . . . . . and it’s FREE to use right here and NOW!

I’ve shared this discovery with my friends, family and colleagues who all use the formula to reach their goals without fail. Now it’s your turn! Every day you spend waiting and guessing is another day you are slowly letting your dreams fade away. After all, don’t you think your goals are too valuable to put your life on hold?

Here’s what’s inside the “Salary Calculator” …

* Free access to “The Formula” where I reveal how to set the target correctly, for the lifestyle you want to live!

* Free access to calculating your “Hourly Rate”, making sure you are charging the correct fees.

* Free access to include all the expenses required for the school fees for your children, driving your luxury car, living in your dream home, going on an exotic holiday … as well as all the day-to-day monthly expenses that have to be paid for.

* And so, so, so much more!

Yes, I’m completely serious here. I’m giving you free access to everything above.

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Here’s To Your Continued Success
In Living The Lifestyle You So Richly Deserve To Have!


Fran Piggott

P.S.  Remember the longer you wait to take action, the more time you are wasting and the deeper into debt you could be falling. That’s definitely not where you want to be! Start moving forward NOW towards your goals and a stress-free lifestyle.

P.P.S. Don’t forget your friends and family, pass this on to them … you’ll be doing them a great favor!

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